I am a drag queen stuck in a women’s body.  I’ve been obsessed with the artistry of drag makeup for ages.  Let’s be real.  Makeup artists have been stealing tricks of the trade from drag forever.  Contour, highlight, over-lining lips and brow shaping; all snatched right out of the glittery makeup bags of the most glamorous queens. 


Imagine how thrilled I was to collaborate with my favorite drag queen of all time, Mila O’Day.  Our mission was to transform me into Mila’s sassy twin.  Larger than life lashes, lips to die for and a huge blonde wig, along with Mila’s killer makeup skills and - voila! I am a QUEEEN! When I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror I was like “Oh Muh Gawd!!! I AM FABULOUS!!”. Once the wig was in place I was totally ready to hit the stage. 


Mila LOVES using Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics as well as Sugarpill, Anastasia of Beverly Hills and Mac Cosmetics - just to name a few.  You should’ve seen my eyes light up like a dazzling Christmas tree when I saw her makeup kit.  Check out our video below to see how she uses makeup to transform me from a boring brunette to a beautiful blonde queen. 



Mila & RD

Browtiful, from mess to yassss!

So, let's talk about brows; big, skinny, arched, straight, and now this crazy wavy brow thing is enough to make you tweeze all your brow hairs and just give up!  Don't do that, trust me, I did that in high school. Christina Aguilera’s music video, “Beautiful,” sent me straight to my mother's medicine cabinet to pluck out damn near every brow hair I had.  Those suckers never grew back, now I am a self-proclaimed brow product expert.  

rdArtistry - Eyebrow Tutorial-147_preview.jpeg

I am currently on a very natural and fluffy brow kick.  I like my brows to look like I have actual hairs where really I just have skin.  I could get them microbladed but not only am I terrified of needles and sharp objects, I also have zero tattoos. My first tattoo will certainly not be on my face.  I am really just a scaredy cat. But for real though, you'd have to be a microblading God if you’re going to come near my brows with a microNEEDLE. Eek! Maybe someday... 

rdArtistry - Eyebrow Tutorial-294.jpg

But for now I love the NYX Waterproof Brow Gel in Brunette and Espresso as well as the Anastasia of Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel. To apply, I use a MAC Angled Brush. I use this little combo to get my poor excuse for eyebrows looking fluffy and fierce.  I always use short, hair-like strokes. I don't (usually) use concealer to sharpen under the brow because I love the look of natural brow hair.  

rdArtistry - Eyebrow Tutorial-276_preview.jpg

Take a look at my video to see the steps!



Rachel Danielle